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« Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They already somehow know what you truly want to become »




I'm radically authentic and truly walk my talk. Passionate by conscious leadership and greater possibilities on individual, interpersonal, organisational and collective levels, I come extra alive by change, wondrous curiosity and empowering tribe building.

I've always been fascinated by the bigger picture, deeper levels of life and the holistic human potential. Inspired by nature and energized by authentic interactions, I view everything in life as an opportunity to learn and grow. I love exploring different perspectives. I'm most often creating new thinking by playfully challenging myself with different possibilities and points of views. I love to generate new ideas, make things happen, observe the outcomes and see my ideas come true. 

For the past decade I have been actively changing my own life, practicing and studying holistic wellbeing, conscious leadership, mindfulness, brain based coaching, social neurosciences and conscious intimate relationships through information, insights, practice and transformation. 

I gradually became aware of my passion for growth, self discovery, self development and self creation after having several life changing experiences (births, death, disease, break down, burn out …) that finally radically forced me to wake up in 2011 and invited me to commit to a total life transformation. These extremely difficult and truth revealing personal life experiences invited me to fundamentally and radically change my point of views about myself and almost everything I believed to be true. I was guided to consciously re-create myself anew, from the inside out and consciously chose to become the creator & leader of my life that I was meant to be. 

At first, healing myself from several invalidating auto-immune diseases and reversing a self-sabotaging mental dynamic. Then committing to explore and express my own greatness engaging with discovery and mastery of myself. To now, also helping other leaders bring out the best in themselves and play their very best games too. 

I have an international business background and have worked as a buyer in the retail industry and in corporate communication & branding in a digital agency in France where I lived for 18 years.

I leaped in the entrepreneurial lifestyle 5 years ago, first together with my husband and recently as a solo entrepreneur. I’m the founder, creator and CEO of Start Stop Shift, both a company and the transformational leadership method and approach that I use with my clients.

Mother of three active boys and wife of a multi-passionate french entrepreneur, I currently live in Espoo in Finland. 

I work in person or remotely with ambitious leaders, creative entrepreneurs and innovative corporations in Finland, Europe, and worldwide in english, finnish, french and swedish. 



These are some of my most essential educations in addition to 24/7 motherhood, marriage, ongoing multiple reading and self directed online study and learning as a passionate researcher of Humanity and Life :  

  • Certified Brain Based Coach, Neuro Leadership Group, 2018, Helsinki Finland (ICF ACC certification under work).

  • Certified MPM hypnotherapist, Certified Marisa Peer Rapid Transformation Therapist, 2016, London UK

  • Certified Facilitator Access Consciousness, 2014, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Costa Rica, London UK, Italy

  • Yoga teacher training RYT 200 Flow Yoga (Hima Happiness), 2014, Helsinki Finland. 

  • Yoga teacher training RYT 50 Yin Yoga (Victor Chng), 2015, Helsinki Finland

  • SKEMA Business School, 2003, Lille France

  • BTS Commerce International, 2000, Lille France

  • Secondary school graduate (Svenska Privatskolan), 1997, Oulu Finland