Create yourself with intention ... or the world will

The adventure of living with AWARENESS as your source of creation ! 


Know what you want out of life. 

And why you want it. 

Then start creating a HOW that works for you AND anyone involved, no matter what ! 

Live fully, courageously, intentionally. 

Dream big. Set goals. Get CLEAR. And then let go of all expectations. 

Start somewhere. Charge yourself with the energy of your big vision. Lean in fully. Do the work. Show up. Everyday. Without expectation. Be intentional. Listen to your knowing. Choose what's right for you AND does not hurt or harm others. In the best case, it's also right for the other. Compromise in the moment, but don't ever give up on your BIG vision. Remember you why. 

Denounce the "Yes, buts". Replace them with intentional "ANDs" and see where THAT leads you. Be clear and remind yourself regularly on what you want and why you want it. Then focus on the HOW. Keep moving. It's the "THAT" that fuels your discovery, recovery and that supports,  facilitates and empowers the creation of something new. Let go of the old. Allow it to rise to the surface. Push it out. Observe. Be with it. Acknowledge and love all of it. Then let go. All of it. Little by little or all at once. When the time is right. Trust the process. Enjoy it. Have fun. Learn to love yourself. Don't judge. Just stop it. Do your best. Give it your all. And then some more. Live life fully now. Be ready. Be willing. Be open. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Remember your WHY. Choose any WHAT that is possible and makes sense to you. Focus on the HOW. 

Life is fragile. Life is strong. Life is precious. Life is beautiful. Life is short. And then we die. All of us. 

Henrika Tonder