Personal support for executives and great leaders is no longer a luxury. It is fundamental in order to successfully face complex energy consuming situations and future challenges.

Inspirational leaders know having a personal sparring partner is not only a privilege, but also a sign of authenticity and expresses the ability for genuine and ambitious self reflection. 


Even the best-of-the-best CEOs have their blind spots and can dramatically improve their performance with an outside perspective weighing in.

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Executive Sparring goes far beyond classic consulting or coaching. Most clients' situations are complex and require a dynamic mix of roles from the conversation partner. If specialized only in the role of a consultant or coach, it will hardly be possible to provide the comprehensive support that is needed. Therefore, a professional sparring partner possess broad methodological competence, but most of all particularly human qualities. Only on this basis, co-creation can happen - a close collaboration on even par that is fertile ground for amazing insight and solutions, given that both parties are open and get involved in the process.


Executive sparring gives a chance to generate energizing insights, creative solutions and new perspectives on a specific subject or theme in your professional or personal life, given that both parties are open and get authentically involved in the process. 

The focal point is the executive’s need in the specific situation. The added bonus is that the constant learning and development process is being strengthened and accelerated.

You as a leader will be able to have highly professional, confidential and trustful, yet conversation with someone who is neutral, unbiased and who doesn't have a personal agenda. 




My experience as a coach is that you can quickly achieve great effect by working on your personal challenges in a confidential space with a professional conversation partner. Very often, the biggest obstacles we face are ones that we have put in our own way, so the first step is to actualise those challenges and be aware of how you are used to dealing with them. Once you have made this self realization, is becomes possible to bring in new perspectives, change your approach and implement a better way to greater success.




There is no specific format for executive sparring. I will adapt to your logistical challenges as much as possible. The frequency of the sessions will be as individualized as the scheduling. Unlike performance coaching, for which regular (weekly or monthly) sessions are recommended, both longer and also much shorter intervals are feasible, e.g. when working on a larger “theme.”




You will gain an uplifted experience of life with increased CLARITY of thought, PEACE of mind, FREEDOM of being, POWER of action. 

You will be able to : 

Relate with authenticity. Communicate effectively. Connect with integrity. Lead with curiosity.

You will experience your life with more insight, flow and aliveness and gain the ability to engage authentically and create empowering genuine connections. Leading your self, your teams and organisations mindfully and powerfully from the inside out.

As a natural outcome of working together, you can expect to gain a deeper level of being, uplifted level of doing and a greater way of leading. 


Optimize and boost your energy. 

Live and lead with authenticity. Preserve your sanity. Give yourself a spacious break and space to reflect. 

Power boost before a big challenge or ongoing space for clarity and high level reflexion. 

A reflective space of clarity in the midst of complex situations and circumstances. Tune in with yourself ! 

Winning from within. 





instant clarity in complex situations 

It's often lonely at the top, so you better know and get clear on WHY you are there. 



space to reflect and challenge yourself

Inquire to inspire. 

Grow self awareness - build team greatness



" When I think of working executives and great leaders, I think of sparring and facilitating people who are up to something big enough that they enroll the world, something big enough that people feel drawn to be a part of the game that they are playing. I think of natural born leaders and executive minded people who are contagious whether they want it or not"