Become more of who you already are and who you have the potential to be. 


Result oriented Leadership Coaching focuses on where you are now, where you want to be, and what you will be and do about getting there. Just as every brain is different, coaching is a different experience for each and every coachee. It's always about facilitating positive change by improving thinking and bringing that new thinking alive through professional and personal leadership. 


I work and facilitate with the brain in mind from the deliciously different inside out understanding of our human experience.  As a result oriented coach and your performance partner, my only agenda is to empower your greatness, facilitate you to be more of who you already are and support you in becoming who you have the potential to be. 


Coaching is possible in finnish, english, french and swedish with me.


Brain based coaching

This result oriented coaching process is all about creating permanent positive shifts in your quality of life by :

  • clarifying your vision

  • setting inspiring goals

  • designing a powerful strategy

  • creating a clear action plan to help you achieve your targets

You will align your actions with your values and create more efficient thinking as you move forward through dynamic and result oriented action. The coaching process will hold you accountable and support you in implementing your plan throughout our work together.

It will help you achieve a clearer connection with yourself and give you a new level of leadership over your life, creating a unique kind of freedom and power.

As a coach, I facilitate you to generate inspiring & energizing insights, new ideas and greater self awareness as you consciously and consistently focusing on setting and achieving objectives leading your creations forward. 

Spacious PRESENCE, active LISTENING, powerful QUESTIONS and direct communication are my main tools in addition to a neuroscience based clearly articulated and well structured PROCESS to guide you to higher performance, greater impact and increased clarity and focus in life and at work, even in the midst of challenging outer circumstances or complex environments. 




I team up with you as your equal partner by creating a safe, supportive and challenging environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust. I meet you at YOUR level with openness, curiosity and flexibility, reflecting your potential and possibilities through spacious, structured, dynamic and forward moving coaching conversations. Intuitive and result oriented. I actively listen for potential - to what you say and don't say, and playfully follow the energy of possibility. 

You will generate new thinking and start to look at things from a larger perspective, expanding your view, tuning in to focus and getting clear about your next steps. You accelerate your growth and get things done.  

Over a period of 4 to 6 months, we work together through a 10 session coaching process, with regular 1 to 2 hour meetings in person and/or remotely.

Contact me for prices and specific ways of working together that would best suit your current situation and needs.



RESULTS you can expect

You will be able to reach your targets with more ease, build confidence in your way and deliver exceptional results on a consistent basis.

  • Increased self awareness and a greater sense of choice

  • Uplifted performance in your field of expertise

  • Bigger engagement and higher productivity

  • Increased clarity and focus in career

  • Ability to better balance different domains of life and experience a deeper sense of ease and joy.

Gaining and creating a global sense of CLARITY, FREEDOM and of BEING IN CONTROL of your life, performance and success as you go.

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Let's be honest, performance coaching is not for everyone. The process demandes a capacity to invest time, energy and money in ones own growth, leadership expansion and performance. It also requires an investment in courage, commitment and willingness to take action to transform. 



We are a good fit and ready to work together if you get a BIG "YES !" for each statement below.  

  1. You are ready to challenge your current way of thinking and doing.

  2. You are willing to perceive and express your deepest dreams and desires.

  3. You are open to honest feedback and to be constructively challenged.

  4. You desire to live and play big and are not looking for a quick fix.

  5. You are willing to invest in yourself, dedicate time, energy and presence to your own growth and truth.

  6. You know YOU are the only one who can make your life better.