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deviens meilleur dans ce que tu fais. Plus de ce qui tu es. creons plus de toi ensemble  


Est-ce le bon moment ? 


bonjour, je suis henrika

coach de PERFORMANCE & mental trainer

I'm passionate about the human holistic potential, growth mindset, conscious leadership and transformation. 

I get turned on by empowering and facilitating others reach their optimal performance and express their true potential. I have the gift of making the invisible visible and the ability and skills to set YOU up for success. 

Whether you are a busy CEO, a natural born leader, a creative entrepreneur or an ambitious professional with an open mindset who wants reach the next level in life and work, I can help you be better at what you do and more of who you are.   

Are you ready for YOUR greatness ? 


I Believe in possibilities, not in problems




You are a leader. An A-level player who likes to play BIG both in life and work. You want to be able to perform at your very best and lead your self, your time and your teams in the most efficient/productive way possible. You see greater possibilities and want to make them become reality.

You want to feel energized, confident and clear to create un uplifted experience in all areas of life : personal, relationship, business & career ... You want to infuse meaning, purpose and passion in what you do, live aligned with your values and be at ease and peace with who you are. Feeling fully alive. 

You are able and used to accomplish a great deal on your own. But now long for a performance partner to team up with, who holds you accountable for your intentions, helps you think better, facilitates clarity and challenges you to grow into embodying and expressing your greatness, genius, power and creativity in the best possible way - TOGETHER. 

You are not here to be average. Mediocrity is not your thing. You walk to the beat of a different drum and are willing to explore deliciously different and greater possibilities !  

"leader is not a job description. leader is a way of being in the world. Leaders are people who are willing to step up. "

— Michael Neill 



Passion, intuition, energy awareness, courage, curiosity, addicted to awesome, holistic approach

Working with me is powerful, easy, playful and elegant/graceful. The outcome is Impact, efficiency and synergy. Radically authentic, based on real life experience, uplift your experience of life to the next level. 

Passion Art and science ... Result oriented, brain based coaching, energy transformation, intuition, capacity to tune in deeply and help you bring out the best in you and become all that you're meant to be.  



Aware, Aligned, Alive

This process is about becoming the inspired and energized leader for your best performance. I help you take the lead of your life, get clear on your inspiring vision, meaningful values and tangible targets.

I guide and assist you in designing an powerful action plan that pulls you into dynamic action creating insights, new ideas and greater self awareness as you move forward.

Spacious presence, active listening, powerful questions and direct constructive communication are my main tools to guide you to higher performance, greater impact and increased efficiency. 

Working with me is fundamentally about creating a sustainable inner sense of clarity, confidence and freedom, even in the midst of challenging outer circumstances and about making better, pragmatic, conscious and focused decisions/choices, even in complex environments.

HOW WE WORK together 

Curiosity, Collaboration, Courage, Choice

I team up with you as your equal partner by creating a safe, supportive and challenging environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust. I meet you at YOUR level with openness, curiosity, flexibility and confidence. This naturally enables a generative space to create new thinking, awaken inspiring insights and invites you to look at things from a deliciously different perspective. One of POSSIBILITY rather than problems. 

Over a period of 4-6 months, we work through a 10-12 session coaching process, in person and/or remotely, to create new thinking, help you be better at what you do and more of who you are.

One time clarity & breakthrough coaching sessions are also possible when you want to gain instant clarity and a boost of energy on a specific topic or issue. 

Contact me for prices, as they will vary and depend on ...??? Date with yourself :) or something more serious ...? 




Power, Passion, Purpose, Performance 

Through the coaching process and by working TOGETHER with me you will  gain clarity of thought, peace of mind, freedom of being, power of action : an uplifted experience of life ! 

You will performance greater : reach your targets with more ease, energy and enthousiasm. You will experience your life with more insight, flow and aliveness. Leading your self, your teams teams and organisations mindfully and powerfully from the inside out. You will become able to deliver extra-ordinary / phenomenal results on a consistent basis.

  • Increased self awareness and a greater sense of choice
  • Uplifted performance in your field of expertise
  • Bigger engagement and higher productivity
  • Ability to better balance different domains of life and experience a deeper sense of ease and joy.

Your increased performance at work AND in life will be the natural outcome of working together on YOUR targets, uplifting you to the next level of doing, a deeper level of being and a greater way of leading.

You will be able to more clearly see the essential, clarify the core and infuse your everyday life, work and relationships with passion, purpose and play. You'll learn to live and lead with more internally driven meaningful "Hell Yes !" actions and boldness eliminating the “Yes, buts” (time, money, ...) that currently limit you from being at your very best. 


is now the time ?



Are you ready TO LEVEL UP ?

Let's be honest, this coaching is not for everyone. The process takes courage, commitment and willingness to transform. Sometimes, you might go “Hell Yes ! That’s exactly what I want", but it's just not the right moment. 

Is NOW the time ? If you get a big "YES !" for each statement below, we are ready to work together. 

  1. You are ready to challenge your current way of thinking and doing.
  2. You are willing to perceive and express your deepest dreams and desires.
  3. You are open to honest feedback and to be constructively challenged.
  4. You are not afraid/desire to live big and are not looking for a quick fix.
  5. You are willing to dedicate time, energy and presence to your own growth and truth. 
  6. You know you are the only one who can make my life better. 
  7. Hell yes, I'm ready to move on !



The first step is to get in touch. Contact me explaining why you want to work with me and what you expect from coaching. We will first talk and then meet in person or via video if we both feel we’re a fit.






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