The collaboration with Henrika has been awesome. She is a playful and charming coach ! Her holistic way and tools have made possible my own growth and have helped me develop my potential in business and personal finances.

We started together an intensive coaching process by creating clear targets and next steps. I got to experience the powerful effects of focus and method. It felt like peak performance coaching where my best potential was being revealed. In less than a year I have clarity with my thoughts, have set up and created a company and have understood what is truly meaningful to me at work and in life. I feel calm and am able to live and lead life MY WAY. I trust my feelings and have confidence in my strength. I am now in the driver's seat of my life and it's pretty amazing !

Johanna Souru, Entrepreneur & Visual Brand Storyteller - Souru Creative Studio, Finland

Henrika is a magic source of reviving water. Her intense presence and nurturing kindness create an inspiring space to cleanse your limitations and choose more of you. She intuitively reflects you the greater possibilities available with a unique flavor of joy and wisdom. Her coaching has challenged and empowered me to create dynamic changes in my life while always having my back. Henrika has been a phenomenal contribution to my life and I’m honored and grateful to call her my wife, growth partner and my mentor.

- Thomas Tonder, UX Designer, Life Entrepreneur & Creative business owner - Wonder Tonder Oy, Finland

Henrika has a unique way of seeing things from unexpected angles. She has brought me a lot of comfort and courage on my path towards being, who I truly am. In our discussions Henrika took me on a very uncomfortable journey, which showed me how much I am willing to do to please others and forget myself. That very unpleasant, uneasy feeling showed me in a raw way that I have to trust my inner voice and feeling. When I returned to the track of being me, I felt a huge relief and inner lightness. Henrika showed me that I have a great ability to know what is good for me which I'm truly grateful for.

– Maija Fast, HR Business Partner - Tieto, Finland

Henrika is wonderfully unruly and out of the box : she doesn’t submit to thoughts and emotions that we use as an excuse for functioning as Fords. With intensity and humor, she shows us the traps we fall into and energizes us to function as the Rolls Royces that we are !

– Annabelle Perceval, Coach & Trainer - APL Développement, France

Henrika has this beautiful amazing capacity to receive and be.

– Dr Dain Heer, International Best Selling Author, Co-creator of Access ConsciousnessTM, USA

Working with Henrika has really made me aware of how I reflect the world, the people I meet and situations in myself. She skillfully knows what to look at in each moment and have facilitated me to face the things I was ready to hear and see at that particular time. Henrika’s mindblowing, inspiring and creative energy brings so much light and joy in the present moment that fuels you for a while. I’ve also learned amazing and simple tools that I can use in my everyday life and on my journey to getting to know me even more. I warmly recommend her – Henrika knows which doors to open so that you find what you’re looking for within yourself.

– Anna Maria Sirenius, Founder & Holistic Business Coach at Pegasus Method, Finland

Henrika is a beautiful person from the inside out. Working with her on how to step into my own power of being a radiant goddess helped me immensely on my journey of personal growth and self-discovery. It not only opened my eyes to think about where certain limiting beliefs really come from but also strengthened my awareness about life and the power every one of us already possesses. Henrika’s coaching approach is unique and eye-opening, and I especially loved her warm and radiant energy – both in person and via Skype. Thank you Henrika !

– Ramona Fellermeier, Partner & Facilitator - The Wisdom Tree Academy, Germany

During only a couple months of coaching with Henrika, I’ve experienced a transformative life changing journey that has opened doors to so many new possibilities. She has a great ability to ask the right questions at the right moment in the right way that helped me realize and connect with who I truly am deep inside. She helped me become aware that some aspects of myself which I considered to be a « wrongness », were in fact at the core of my « strongness ». That awareness is a powerful driving force that fuels me with energy and enthusiasm. Getting to know her wonderful energy and her way of conveying consciousness is a blessing !

Her coaching opened me to a greater quality of being and has enabled me to make bold life choices, start a company, become a certified coach and start a holistic wellness body & mind center to create greater impact around me.  I’m now confidently able to lead myself, my creations and my family with more ease, from a clear vision and a sustainable extra dose of energy.

– Sandra Lindholm, Founder & Wellness Coach -  Younium, Body & Mind center, Finland

Henrika is amazingly multitalented. Not only she speaks fluently many different languages, she also offers services both to your conscious and unconscious mind. Henrika offers you space to look at your life without judgement and that way enables you to let go of past obstacles to create the change you wish to experience. She is very giving and capable of using different tools intuitively. I first had a coaching session that helped me to find a new wonderful way forward in my mind, then the Access Bars session cleansed the old energies away so that I could proceed faster towards my goal. I recommend you Henrika’s services whether you would like to make a change in your life or whether you would just like to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Either or, you will leave your session uplifted. In short, she is (a) present.

– Johanna Maria Davies, Entrepreneur : Coach, Speaker, Published author, Finland

Henrika, You are such a beautiful soul ... A serious ray of light everywhere you go ! 

Chantelle Adams, Business owner - The Courage Revolution, Canada


Henrika is a joyful, vibrant, lit-up possibility walking ! She is a total inspiration, delightful to be around, and always seeing and demanding more of herself and everybody around her. Just being in her presence has me choose to be more of me. Henrika is one of those rare people on the planet who I know truly has my back. She is a brilliant woman, friend, creator, mother, and facilitator and I highly recommend playing with her !

– Heather Nichols, Business owner & Radio Show Host, USA

Henrika is an energetic woman who leads with a smile and open arms and passionately shares her conviction and strategies for limitless living. She has not only transformed her own life and that of her family substantially but also inspires many around her to lead much more extraordinary lives by speaking her truth and demanding high standards and ever more growth and expansion of her own being and those around her.

– Jana Schuberth, Peak Performance Coach & Consultant, JS Consulting Ltd, USA

The symphony session was one of the best I have ever got so far in my life ! How does it get any better than that ? My whole body recived and after I felt so alive ! I’m so grateful for you and Dain who together created this magical experience for me ! THANK YOU !


– Jessica Furunäs, Business owner - Salong SkinCare, Sweden

Henrika’s authentic and joyful way of living inspires everyone. She really walks her talk and is an amazing example of how you can create your own life to be a reflection of your inner beauty. She is is pure magic and I recommend her courses and coaching with all my heart.


Laura Janger Laitio, Founder & President - Hima Happiness, Finland

Henrika is truly a magical being waaay beyond this reality and she has many amazing capacities, but the ones that pops out a little extra for me and that has a great inspiration and contribution to me and my body is truly her willingness to be present and vulnerable. Her willingness to be a contribution and the ability and courage to be HERSELF no matter what situation and no matter what kind of people are around. For me that is truly being a great leader, a precious gift and a beautiful and potent inspiration. I’m so grateful for who and what Henrika is, what she contiously chooses to become and where she is demanding to go. Just being around her is facilitating massive transformation.


– Josefine Solberg, Artist - rawdiamondfacets.com, Sweden

Henrika’s life enegy is contagious and positive. She has an ability to wake people up to possibilities and solutions. Her genuine interest of people and towards what truly is possible is rare and empowering.


– Outi Kaasinen, Regional Manager - Doctagon Oy, Finland


Henrika is an extraordinary coach and facilitator. She’s been working for many years as an inspiration for herself, her family, her friends and for people from all over the world wanting for conscious change to become a reality. She will assist you all the way if you decide to embrace the possibilities you know are possible for you. If you are willing to let go of the past, be that change and get more of you, she will facilitate you and give you the tools to reach what you didn’t even know was possible. A new reality is possible and Henrika could be the inspiration you need.

– Nicolas Dubant, Key Account Manager - Mammut Sport Group AG, Sweden

Henrika has taught me to trust myself. I now dare to think about my desires and priorities and have revived ideas that seemed crazy before meeting her. She also taught me that the worst situation can be a possibility – what else is possible. In this way everything that all in life can be a contribution. I have received strength, hope, courage but maybe most of all joy. Joy to be me, joy with everything arund me and in my attitude. I don’t hang on to my partner, I allow him to flow freely. Henrika is energizing and I am a more satisfied and happy woman now. I am grateful to share this journey with her.

– Katjatuulia Järvenpää, Service Designer - WSP, Finland

Henrika, has this amazing capacity to see the magic that you are capable of contributing to the world. She has the uncanny ability to see through your limitations and bring out the best in you ! She provides a safe place to be vulnerable so that you may break free of the false limitations that you have bought as real. Her insight and professionalism are beyond measure !

– Dr Anthony Mattis, Business owner, Access Consciousness CF & Healer, USA

Henrika is an absolute powerhouse. She’s ferocious about creating a magical life and helping others do the same. She impacts any environment she steps into with her potency and joy. I love having this woman on my team… ANY TEAM !


– George Carroll, Motivational business speaker, Author, Regular TV personality, USA

Henrika is an amazing being. She has truly both empowered me and inspired me to find my greatest and most joyful self. Through her wittiness and amazement she has opened the space for me to get out of my limitations and fear of being explosive and fun. She is charismatic, funny and full of life. Before meeting her, I was not even aware of how many limitations I was living by, career and life wise. Spending time with her, as a friend and facilitator, has been a gift and a beautiful light in to my life.

– Leticia Curiel, Yoga teacher & Creative entrepreneur, Spain

The tools that Henrika offers are incredibly freeing. I have learned to know what is true and right for me in every moment in an entirely new way. I have the courage to trust that knowing and have learned to choose what works for me by using the light and heavy tool. I had the chance to ponder on her questions for a while before we met one-on-one, and the private sessions have given me amazing new insights. When working with Henrika, I didn’t have to wallow in the past and specific events. She asked questions that enables me to look at my life from a new point of view. Not only her tools are pragmatic and make me feel lighter, but the sessions are filled with humor, nurturing allowance and playful curiosity.

– Anne Slåen, Entrepreneur - Mindfullnes CFM Trainer,  Finland

Henrika came up to me with her fantastic, magic and overwhelming energy and gave me a warm hug. In addition to having this ability of non-verbal communication, Henrika is a great facilitator. A being you just want to spend time with and have in your life !

– Johanna Skantze, Co-founder & Connector - We Are Laja, Sweden

Henrika is one of the most exuberantly happy lovely people I have ever met. She is warm, humble and magical. Having had the privilege to be close to her, my life has changed and I now have access to more of me !


– Lisa Henriksson, Founder & CEO of Egen Tid, Author, Sweden

Henrika has an inspiring personality. She is strong and opens up new perspectives. Her own strengths and experience in life appear in the way she meets others, lives and shares her wisdom. I believe that she can enable many to slow down, to create a space for change through her expansive questions and to be an invitation in finding one’s own path to well-being.

– Camilla Djupsund, Mental Health Specialist, Finland

You have been invaluable to me : your vision, your intuition and your energy will be gifts for all those who are lucky enough to meet you. You are of those women who change lives, awaken and inspire. You are of those women who change the world.


– Anne Debels, Entrepreneur & Physiotherapist and trainer, France

Henrika has a unique and sparkling energy, inspiring people around her to connect with their joy in life. Her special mix of playfulness and authenticity makes her a true enabler of change and new possibilities.

– Catrin Ditz, Program Manager - Storsthlm, Sweden

I met Henrika in Stockholm and her infectious vibrant energy was a great invitation to many people for choosing to be more alive ! Henrika is beautifully and intensely present with you and has a way of playfully allowing change to emerge, with an ease that is rarely seen.

– Lisa Murray, Business owner & Founder of Creative AlchemiTM, Author, Australia

You have been a gift of life to me and you have inspired me with your colors and your light. You have profoundly changed my life into a brighter one and have inspired me to choose more in life. The seed of possibilities you planted in me have grown ever since …

– Muriel Mureau, Product sales manager - FLI, France

Henrika is a wonderful soul, she’s magic. She has inspired me and expanded my awareness of myself in a wonderfully joyful way. Her extensive knowledge and business background combined with her playfulness is unique. Henrika’s Bars treatments and question spurred discussions have cleared my energies. Her understanding of the everyday challenges and women’s various roles make her an excellent mirroring mentor for my rush years.

– Johanna Souru (2016), Art Director - Stockmann, Finland