HOW we can WORK together

I coach, train and facilitate with the brain in mind from the inside out understanding of our human experience. It creates a full spectrum space for powerful and exponential change combining unconditional quality of presence and timeless conscious principles with contemporary neuroscience about holistic happiness, productivity, transformation and optimal brain performance.  

Working with me is energizing, pragmatic, eye opening, humorous, empowering.



This individual coaching is a structured 10-12 session result-oriented process over 4 to 6 months. Clarifying your vision and values, defining inspiring goals, designing a dynamic action plan. Systematically working toward your goals with focus, creating insights through action and remarkable results with a sense of clarity and ease. A clearly articulated process, presence, active listening and powerful questions are my main tools here. 



mental training

This individual or group training is about learning tools, techniques and mental hacks to build up confidence, self awareness and enhance your capacity to focus and optimize your energy. Understand how your mind works, become able to identify and shift limiting beliefs with curiosity and gain skills that will set you up for extra-ordinary success and daily performance. 


executive sparring

Executive Sparring is a highly individualized service that goes far beyond classic coaching or consulting. Here I support executives to lead and live at their best level, develop their strengths and grow in areas that are important to them. A personal sparring partner can make a crucial difference, leading to more authenticity, greater clarity, bigger impact and lasting contentment for themselves and their environment. In both private and professional areas.